Vrachokipos Aegina

An authentic treasure of stay in Aegina

Vrachokipos Aegina


The house gives you the impression of a tiger

jumping from the rocks to the sea.

A terrible and invisible being impetuously leaning

in the panic of inspiration shakes the stone constantly.

N. Kazantzakis (Vrachokipos), Aegina, 1936.

A hidden treasure in Souvala and throughout Aegina. A barren, wild rock above the sea that “gave birth” to the lushest landscape. An enchanted place where time stops and what matters the most is “now”. Vrachokipos is one of the most authentic places to stay on the island of Aegina and proves that, where there is love, passion, inspiration, and incurable romance, even the most improbable becomes possible.

Perched on the rock and perfectly adapted to the environment, the houses – rooms for rent and the villa of the complex enchant their guests, not only thanks to their incredible beauty but mainly due to the warm hospitality of Vaggelis Vazaios, owner and inspirer of Vrachokipos.

Vrachokipos Aegina: The story behind

An architect and civil engineer himself, but at the same time an artistic soul and spirit, he created Vrachokipos from scratch in 30 years, he planted more than 500 trees, 50 of which flourished, and he managed to give breath and life to the rock, giving birth to a “terrible and invisible being”. During the years of the creation of Vrachokipos, Vaggelis Vazaios drew inspiration from the homonymous book of his favorite author Nikos Kazantzakis, creating something so unique that it is easy to imagine this magical place while reading the words of the author.

A stay in heaven!

Vrachokipos consists of 7 double studios, 3 quadruple rooms, a five-bed room, and a villa that can accommodate up to seven people. Choose the so-called “love cave” studio, literally built into the rock with a small balcony and sea views. The interior and exterior spaces are neat and special, hiding treasures and stories. Even the paths to the sea are many and different through the various levels of Vrachokipos, leading to stone steps, rocks for diving, a small private beach with pebbles, and levels on the rock where you can put a chair or sunbed, relax and enjoy the view.

Wake up in this magical place and enjoy breakfast in your room or the common yard, as well as free coffee throughout the day. In the evening, we suggest you sit in the yard and enjoy your drink accompanied by music and the magical landscape…

What makes Vrachokipos truly unique? Is it the story behind it, the incredible location, the aesthetics, or the personality of its owner? It is definitely all that together and much more that attract visitors to come back again and again – it is no coincidence that the customers of Vrachokipos are repetitive and book their next stay while they are on vacation!

Bonus tip 1: It takes effort to reach paradise! That’s why there are no signs that lead you to Vrachokipos!

Bonus tip 2: Vrachokipos organizes weddings, yoga retreats, goodalini and other retreats.



Vathi, Souvala, Aegina

+30 6944788808

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