Combo Food Tour

The ultimate combo experience in Aegina & Athens!

2 food tours in one: the ultimate combo food tour experience

Here at weloveaegina we want you to feel that you’re making the most out of your gastronomical experience. Therefore we created this combo food tour especially for you that wish to walk around and taste two different worlds in one.

Youll experience both our Athens and Aegina Food Tour in this one amazing experience. A combo tour makes for a great experience filled with abundant tasty eats. Together we will explore the streets of the town of Athens and Aegina while indulging in the appetizing treats the locals enjoy as part of their daily life

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Aegina (Combo Food Tour Part 1)

Skip a meal or two, build up a hearty appetite and the Aegina-Athens Combo Food Tour Tour will not disappoint you! All of your five senses will take part in this gastronomical experience which will be combined with easy walks between tastes in the town of Aegina.

You will have the opportunity to buy fresh pistachio from the oldest shops in town or try traditional -pistachio based- sweet recipes. For gift ideas we will visit cozy, little shops, known for their organic extra virgin oil along with Kalamon olives.

γαστρονομικές εκδρομές / combo food tour

For a more gourmet experience you’ll get to visit various traditional groceries with delicious local Aeginian cheese and the one of a kind pistachio pesto. Other interesting flavours include a plethora of herbs and spices which will make your home smell like a greek one.

γαστρονομικές εκδρομές : combo food tour

Are you ready for a break? Let’s go visit the restaurants along the port of Aegina and try the   handmade pasta and sauces along with spit roasting meat.

Dont miss this party! A celebration of senses must be celebrated accordingly with plenty of music, dance, wine and delicious meze in the more picturesque tavernas.

You want some more? Let’s grab some coffee and get some creamy custard pie (galaktompoureko).

Athens (Combo Food Tour Part 2)

γαστρονομικές εκδρομές : combo food tour / Athens

Feel like completing this combo food tour?

Like any other metropolis in the world Athens offers a variety of ultimate tastes. Let’s get to know to the diverse neighbourhoods and try different flavours and different textures that will impress even the most fussy ones. In this food tour we’ll get to visit some of the most favourite food destinations among locals.

Ready to bring Greece back home? Let’s go visit the local shops with herbs and spices and grab this oregano bouquet to make greek salads all year round.

Anybody who visits Greece has tried out the traditional handmade pies with a variety of flavours: cheese, spinach, meet even custard cream. This is a must! Athens is a metropolis in which western and eastern flavours coexist and therefore enrich the local pastry. Why not dive into a baclava with ice-cream?

Greeks love their coffee! And in every opportunity or activity there’s always time for a greek coffee made with special care on a stove over a low heat. Let’s have a cup of coffee before we go under Parthenon in the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka. And that would be the end of the combo food tour!

  • Availability from 08/07/20
  • Special menus for vegetarians and vegans apply
  • Any food allergies must be known beforehand

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