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Life isn’t perfect, but your coffee can be!

How far can you go if you follow your passion? Lefteris and Nikos Spyridakis, inspirers and owners of SPIRI Coffee & Beverages in the heart of Aegina, decided to innovate following their love for coffee. So, they created a small coffee processing unit on the island, reminding us that our coffee deserves to be exquisite.

Since June 2020, the SPIRI brothers generously offer excellent coffee by SPIRI Coffee & Beverages. Also, their beautiful shop offers many more delicious delights, from nuts and chocolates, sweets and treats, and exclusive wines and spirits. After the selected raw coffee beans travel to SPIRI Coffee & Beverages from producers worldwide, they pass quality control at every level of production, and they get roasted every day by the head roaster, Lefteris. Finally, they reach your glass as the ultimate coffee pleasure.

Are you in the mood for coffee?


  1. Discover traditional and modern, quality yet not commercial, coffee flavors from certified varieties from all over the world. Raw coffee beans travel to SPIRI from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Then, Lefteris Spyridakis, the head roaster, combines the varieties creating new distinct flavors.
  2. Are you a fan of single origin coffee varieties? At SPIRI you will find fresh single estate coffee from specific farms and individual producers from the world.
  3. Do you love decaf? SPIRI offers high-quality organic, single-variety decaffeinated Mexico coffee.
  4. Choose the Greek coffee that suits you! Are you in the mood for blonde, dark or decaf?
  5. At SPIRI you know what you shop! In the silos you will find even the altitude of the coffee of your choice.
  6. All products are fresh, from the freshly roasted coffee to the nuts sold in a package in order to stay fresh.
  7. You can get SPIRI coffee even in capsules compatible with Nespresso* coffee machines.
  8. Discover special labels of Greek wines from Greek vineyards and drinks from unique distilleries. A paradise for the connoisseurs of spirits!
  9. SPIRI coffees are also available for wholesale to B2B customers – they already supply selected cafes in Athens and the Argosaronic!
  10. SPIRI coffee is not only of “specialty grade” quality, but at the same time very value for money.

SPIRI Coffee & Beverages means non-negotiable quality, knowledge and experience. But if you hear the Spyridakis brothers talking, you understand that SPIRI means, passion, enthusiasm, creation and infinite love… in each and every coffee grain!

Visit Spiri Coffee & Beverages store in the heart of Aegina, the website www.spiricoffee.gr or have a chat with them at +30 22970 25464. For cooperations or B2B clients, contact Nikos at +30 6934316032. 

Bonus tip: Follow SPIRI Coffee & Beverages on Facebook & Instagram for more inspiration and news! 


SPIRI Coffee & Beverages

10 Faneromenis str., Aegina

+30 22970 25464


*Nespresso brand does not belong to SPIRI.

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