Steakhouse Mavros Gatos

Old-school souvlaki in Aegina Town

Steakhouse Mavros Gatos Aegina


Are you looking for an authentic, old school souvlaki in Aegina? Mavros Gatos is one of those souvlaki parlours that pay tribute to the essence of traditional souvlaki, the taste of which awakens memories of unforgettable long gone times. The authenticity, the passion and the freshness of the materials deservedly give Mavros Gatos the reputation of one of the best traditional souvlaki parlours on the island!

Mavros Gatos has been around, in the heart of the town of Aegina, since 1990. A one minute walk from the beach, it is located at the very central junction of H.Lada & P. Iriotis. The best ingredients and pure quality meat are enclosed in a traditional pie bread, served with the fragrant fresh tzatziki dressing — rumoured to be the best in Aegina. The Mavros Gatos Souvlaki is being served as the ultimate delicacy, putting down many a “gourmet” dishes!

At Mavros Gatos you will come to enjoy quality fast food that highlights the authentic taste. The menu includes souvlaki wrapped in pita, gyros (pork and chicken), kalamaki, burgers, kebab, sausage and halloumi cheese. And if you happen to be extra hungry, order your souvlaki with tzatziki (or special sauce), onion, tomato, fries and pie bread. Also, try our delicious burgers with the extra juicy meat and the delicious bun. Choose from the range of summer salads made with cucumber and tomato or try the traditional “horiatiki” recipe that will cool you down. If you are after something entirely different, order the house special “Mavros Gatos” salad which comes with lettuce, fresh cherry tomatoes, halloumi cheese and crunchy croutons. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Mavros Gatos! Whether you end up sitting at one of the tables offered or you choose to take your souvlaki away or even having it delivered to your address, rest assured that you will enjoy one of the best “ol’ school” souvlaki you have ever tasted!

Mavros Gatos Aegina

X.Lada & P. Irioti, Aegina Town

+30 22970 26452


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