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Silver and Silk store in Aegina was love at first sight! It is a place where handmade jewelry and silk creations are deeply connected to major artistic cultures and this shows in each and every piece of jewel exposed in the shop.

All jewelry at the Silver & Silk Aegina store are handmade, using only the finest quality materials, but most importantly, all products are uniquely attached to their roots. Here, you will find handmade jewelry, masterpieces from Ioannina, Greece, a town with a long history of silver making. The artists that create them all share a prideful knowledge of traditional jewelry and silk-making techniques.

Maria, the owner, was raised in Ioannina so ask her to show you the traditional patterns, like the rare technique of niello (or savat as the locals say), as well as a variety of modern jewelry that stand out for their upper quality which reflecting the precious silversmithing heritage of the area.


Their silver pieces come from Ioannina in the region of Epirus, a small town in northern Greece that is bordered by a magnificent lake. Since the Byzantine period and more specifically since the 17th century, Ioannina was a city full of guilds. The institution of the guilds was very important to the locals and offered a great deal to develop a healthy social, cultural and financial structure. One of the most significant ones was the guild of the silversmiths; the communal life of the city was bonded to silver ever since. The greater peak for the art and trade of silver, was during the Ottoman rule of the city (15th to the beginning of the 20th century), and especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, Ioannina host more or less 90 workshops that create a remarkable variety of styles and patterns, always made by hand using their invaluable silversmithing past.

& Silk!

At the northeast part of Greece, in Evros region, lies Soufli, also known as the town of silk. Soufli emerged as a major silk production center in the late 19th and middle 20th century. The small town enjoyed international recognition because of the unique and flourishing sericulture industry for silkworm rearing and the production of silk.

Since 1980 beautiful handmade silk products are created in the area, boasting for their inspirational motives, high aesthetics and excellent quality. At Silver & Silk shop in Aegina you will find fine embroideries, scarves and cocoon jewelleries, contemporary designs with traditional and timeless techniques, all in all contributing to a chic fashion statement.

Silver & Silk store can be found on 6-8 Spyrou Rodi Str. in Aegina town, very close to Aegina’s Historical & Folklore Museum.

You can also buy selected items online at

Bonus Tip: Ask Maria, the owner, to share with you some of her famous stories about Ioannina and jewelry production.

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6-8 Spirou Rodi str.
180 10 Aegina Town
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