The Rodakis’ House

Worldwide appreciated architectural beauty

The Rodakis House: The expression of folklore


The house of A. Rodakis is one of those attractions that your eyes are not accustomed to. It is the home of Aegina farmer and laborer Alexandros Rodakis, who was born in 1854 and lived all his life in Mesagros upbringing his 8 children.

The story of Rodakis

Rodakis harbored a deep love for nature and the Greek folk tradition and he expressed this through his creations of everyday life, all concentrated in this famous, in our time, house. Four heads (winds) are mounted on the roof of the attic, and four other statuettes (a pig, a clock, a snake and a dove) on the facade, symbolizing Fate, Time, Evil and Peace respectively. Embossed sprigs influenced by ancient Greek art are located above the windows (and doors) of the house. On the right and left of the fireplace two embossed hands form the universal gesture of prayer. Every detail of Rodakis’ house is elaborate, making the whole an architectural reference point.

The history of the building

The Rodakis’ house was built in 1880, and first attracted the interest of the architectural community after 1901 when the archaeologist A. Furtwangler spotted it during the excavations carried out at the Temple of Aphaia by the German School of Archeology, studied it and sent photos to Munich. In Greece it became known thanks to the architect D. Pikionis, who thoroughly studied it as well. Since then, many architects from around the world flock to admire the rare beauty of this masterpiece. The National Technical University carries out an annual field trip to Aegina in order for architecture students to visit the Rodakis house among other monuments of architectural interest in the island.

Bonus info:

  • The Rodakis house is accessible by car or on foot, with specially placed signs leading visitors to the space.
  • Guided tours are available.

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