Pottery Lessons by Kottaki Ceramic Art Workshop

Learn the art of pottery in Aegina!

Pottery lessons in Aegina at Kottaki Ceramic Art Workshop


Would you like to discover the long line of tradition of Aegina in ceramics? Are you a fan of clay, or are you just looking forward to taking pottery lessons so as to feel the magic of creativity?

A magical world of creation, tradition and aesthetics unfolds in the basement of Kottaki Ceramics store in the town of Aegina. With a family tradition in ceramics since 1978, Kottakis Ceramic Art Workshop invites you to discover the magic of clay –a great folk art that counts centuries of history– through its unique pottery courses. 

Beginning with the two fundamental elements (water and soil) of human existence, ceramists Maria and Martha Kottakis following the steps of the long family tradition that their parents, Nikos and Triantafyllia began, initiate the guests to the tricks of their art. 

Put on your apron and bring along your willingness to learn the art of pottery in Aegina. Be part of one of the most authentic experiences on the island, individually or in groups of all ages! Maria and Martha Kottakis will teach you the techniques of clay and guide you through simple and understandable steps in creating your first, very own ceramic.

Kottakis Ceramic Art Workshop offers:

  • Adult ceramics courses, in order to get a first contact with the magic of ceramic art.
  • Ceramics lessons exclusively for children in order to discover the joy of creation through clay while at the same time letting their imagination roam free.

The Kottakis Ceramic Art Workshop is located in the heart of Aegina, on the pedestrian street of P. Iriotis, in a beautifully preserved mansion that exudes the Kottakis’ family aesthetics. Discover the long tradition of Aegina in ceramics, feel the excitement of creation and live an authentic experience in Aegina that will overwhelm you with emotions!

Book now at +30 698 072 4558 and +30 22974 01005 and enjoy ceramics classes in Aegina individually, with your family or friends!

Bonus Tip: Discover Kottakis Ceramics through its beautiful eshop and shop wherever you are!

Ceramics Courses Aegina

Ceramic Art Workshop Kottaki Aegina

P. Irioti 22, Aegina

+30 698 072 4558

+30 22974 01005


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