Porto Italiano

The only exclusively Italian restaurant on the beach of Aegina

Porto Italiano Aegina


An authentic Italian restaurant was born on the beach of Aegina in the summer of 2020. Porto Italiano opened its doors and is sure to seduce you. The reasons are many!

  1. It is the only exclusively Italian restaurant on the beach of Aegina.
  2. It maintains the quality and experience of 15 years of the famous and much loved among locals and visitors, Venus Pizza.
  3. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a wonderful view of the beachfront of Aegina.
  4. You can also order delicious pizza, salads, and pasta at home or on your boat.
  5. Finally, it is brand new, with beautiful decoration and high aesthetics reflected in the atmosphere, service, and cuisine!

Led by Ms. Soula, who is also leading the kitchen of Venus Pizza Restaurant, Porto Italiano invites you to enjoy wonderful dishes and gastronomic combinations inspired by Italian cuisine. A menu full of imagination and creativity, an updated wine cellar, fine coffee, and breakfast awaits you from morning to night. Τhe special combination of the Italian and Greek cuisine that seeks, against the backdrop of the Saronic Gulf, is what makes Porto Italiano so unique.

Dishes full of flavor and Italian temperament


Getting hungry? To start with, try the delicious Provencale mushrooms with parsley and garlic. The view of the port whets the appetite for seafood, so we recommend the shrimp croquettes, the best start before your main dish, as well as the ultimate summer appetizer, shrimp tempura.

If you follow a healthy diet, do not miss the “Summer” salad with mixed vegetables, melon, prosciutto, parmesan, pistachio, and grapes. The authentic Caprese salad will travel you to the neighboring country, while the famous Italiana vera will cool you down and satisfy your hunger with chicken fillet, mixed vegetables, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan, and dressing.

The legendary pizza of Venus restaurant moves to the port of Aegina and is served at the tables of Porto Italiano. Enjoy the classic Margherita with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil pesto. Also, there are many more classic and creative flavors with seafood, vegetables, and meat that will excite you!

Pasta lovers should not miss the pappardelle with fresh meatballs, feta cheese, and aromatic tomato sauce. Also, try the authentic carbonara with pancetta, guanciale, and pecorino.

One of the most popular dishes of Porto Italiano is the Cacciatore chicken, with Chicken fillet, mushrooms, peppers, tomato, accompanied by french fries. Also, try the Porto chicken fillet with mushrooms, arugula, avocado, and green salad.

Kids will love the delicious well-cooked chicken nuggets that make the best company with french fries.

Authentic Italian food is half without ice cream, so we recommend you complete your meal with the taste you love. Ideal for brunch or the end of a perfect dinner, the chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream, forest fruits and whipped cream, will excite you the same!

Porto Italiano Aegina

28 Dimokratias Avenue, Port of Aegina

Τ: +30 2297 022202

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28 Dimokratias Avenue, Aegina Town
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