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Philippos Aegina Hellenic Goods


An exclusive premium store, Philippos Aegina store  fulfills the promise of quality products based on Greek virgin olive oil.

Philippos store is located in a beautiful spot in Aegina’s city centre, 20 meters from the harbour and behind Aegina’s famous fish market, in a quiet corner. Here you will find an excellent variety of Greek virgin olive oil in various types and packages, in combination with specialized accessories of the kind. Extra virgin olive oil, organic and classic, Kalamon olives, Aegina pistachios, flavours reminiscent of the climate and fragrances of Greece. As far as olive oil is concerned, it is packaged in their state-of-the-art unit in Aegina, an important asset for the island.

The store itself is small and cozy, with its staff ready to answer all of your questions. Here you will have a good opportunity to get to know the secrets of these unique products of the Greek land, but also to learn how to recognise and distinguish original quality. You will also be able to see, taste and smell the olive products through an experience that animates all the senses.

PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS products and expertise will, for sure, help you revive your talent in the kitchen!

Bonus Tip: You can ask Philippos Aegina team to send the products purchased to your preferred address.

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37 P. Irioti Str., Aegina Town
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