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Traditional Greek products to taste and buy!

Petras Aegina Traditional Grocery Store – Meze Restaurant


Petras Aegina Traditional Grocery Store is not another one of these gourmet groceries that have become a trend. Petras Traditional Grocery Store boasts 100 years of history, operating since 1916, when grandfather John Petras opened a green grocery, which later evolved into a grocery store. Thanks to the quality of the carefully selected products he chose to offer, Petras Traditional Grocery Store gained its good reputation still maintained by the younger generation, Giannis Petras and his wife Rania Kornaraki – if you are lucky you might also meet grandfather Giorgos Petras!

As the store’s central inscription says, “If you want a good cheese, then go to Petras,” a phrase that used to exist proving its good fame back in the day when the high-quality cheeses came from Epidavros (Peloponesse village) by boat. Tradition continues … adapted to the needs of today, always respecting the words of grandfather Giannis … “CHOOSE ONLY THE BEST AND NOTHING LESS, KEEP PETRAS NAME SYNONYM TO QUALITY FOREVER”.

At Petras Traditional Grocery Store you will have the opportunity to buy selected Greek products in bulk or packaged. A good variety of cheeses and sausages, olives of various kinds, herbs, spices, everything you need to make a fine dish or offer a cheese platter to your guests. Their herring is delicious and their hummus too but please do not leave without buying local Aiginian cheese and pistachio pesto.

In addition to the food, at Petras Aegina Traditional Grocery Store you will find an updated wine cellar with labels from the Greek vineyards, Giannis’s specialty as a certified sommelier. Together with Rania, a certified cook, they can suggest the kind of food that matches with any type of wine or other drink, the so-called wine pairing.

What’s more! You can choose from the plethora of delicacies and sit at their elegant tables to taste them one by one! With a variety of cheeses, sausages and spreads, combined with a little wine or ouzo, you can taste all the authentic Greek flavours.

Petras Traditional Grocery Store is located in the center of the town of Aegina, right behind its famous fish market, while very recently Petras family inaugurated a new space, a few meters from the grocery store, right on the promenade of the town of Aegina, Petra Delicatessen – Meze restaurant. It is definitely worth a try!

Bonus Tip: Petras Aegina Traditional Grocery Store team also organizes food tours, a delightful experience you should not miss!

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47 P. Irioti Str., Aegina Town
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