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Nisos Aegina Cafe Bar

No matter what time of the day you will be around the town of Aegina, you will sure have to pass by Nisos Aegina Cafe Bar where you will enjoy your coffee, hot or cold drinks, ice cream (ben & jerry) , food and drinks listening to selected music.

Open all day, starting with breakfast, sandwiches and coffee, continuing through to 12.00 pm with mediterranean food combined with an extensive wine and beer list and a good variety of cocktails.

Every Wednesday you will enjoy mexican decor, music and flavours, popular dishes from Central America (tacos, buritos, fahitas), Corona Beer (with lemon) and of course famous wines from Chile or stronger drinks such as tequila (straight or in cocktails). 

What’s more, Nisos’s fantastic spot and view of Aegina’s marina constitute this place a must-try destination.
11 Dimokratias Ave., Aegina Town

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11 Dimokratias Ave., Aegina Town
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