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Lychnari Bookstore


“Lychnari” bookstore Aegina is much more than a store of books and stationery: it is the locals’ meeting point, a close but delightful escape that becomes a daily habit. And one can feel this in only one single visit to Aegina’s Lychnari bookstore. There you will see people, both adults and children, meet, exchange opinions, get informed about the latest releases or discover classic treasures.

The name of the bookstore itself, “Lychnari” (meaning oil lamp), symbolizes the light that illuminates the paths of people to new discoveries, the enlightenment that comes through the study and the acquisition of knowledge, the light that comes from an educated person.

With a history dating back to 1984, Kalamaras family focuses on the needs of each individual customer by offering solutions and products customized to his/ her own needs!

In the two-storey Lychnari store you can get detailed information about 150,000 Greek book titles or choose among 15,000 international book titles as well as order any book you are looking for and receive it even within a few hours, always depending on its availability by the publisher.

In addition to the range of books available, at Lychnari bookstore you will also find a wide variety in school books, stationery, paper supplies, paintings, greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, table games and wooden toys, diy materials and so much more. In the handicrafts section, you will be able to cover even your craziest artistic need!

So, if you happen to be in Aegina, it is worth a visit to this Aegina’s bookstore, for a brief spiritual journey and joy for the soul. We are quite sure you’ll leave with at least one new book in your bag!

Bonus Tip: Purchase your book and enjoy a first reading sitting in front of the stunning historical monument of the Markellos Tower that is just around the corner.

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41 Sp. Rodi Str & 10 Aiakou Str., Aegina Town
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