Dodoni Ice Cream Aegina

Divine delights at the port of Aegina

Dodoni Ice Cream Aegina


The divine Dodoni ice cream on Dimokratias avenue in Aegina town needs no introduction… For years, delicious flavors of fresh ice cream accompany our evening walks by the beach, complement our dinner the best possible way and give a “divine” sensation in every moment, either it is winter or summer.

At summer time, we do not only count the times that we go swimming at the beach, but also the Dodoni ice creams we eat every day in Aegina. The ice cream shop offers a wide variety of flavors so that you’ll want to try them all. Also, crunchy waffles and mouth-watering desserts are waiting for you at the famous Dodoni in Aegina.

We recommend that you definitely taste the all time classic pistachio ice cream. Of course, do not miss the new flavors, such as the salted caramel butter, the caramel with goji berries and cranberries and the white chocolate with hazelnut praline. Keep in mind that Dodoni also serves light snacks to enjoy before your ice cream or dessert.

Whether you are a chocolate lover, you can’t resist gourmet choices or you want a light flavor, rest assured that in Dodoni you will find what you want!

Sit at one of the tables outside to enjoy your morning coffee while gazing at the beautiful marina. Enjoy fantastic sweets, ice cream drinks, chocolates, juices, soft drinks and snacks.

Ready for divine delights? Dodoni ice cream shop at the port of Aegina is waiting for you!

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Dimokratias Avenue, Port of Aegina
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