Aerides Beach Cafe

Beach Bar Cafe on the northern part of the island

Aerides Beach Cafe


The magic of Vagia (check relevant article in our blog) is clearly depicted in Aerides Beach Cafe. Aerides in Greek means “winds” and this is because we are on the northern side of the island, where Aegina’s wild and authentic beauty unfolds. In Vagia, a village that takes its aura from the Temple of Afea, standing still over its hill for thousands of years, you will find the perfect beach bar that can satisfy your appetite at all times of the day.

From early in the morning, Aris and his team offer you the type of coffee and breakfast you prefer before (or right after) your first morning dive and before you start with the early-noon appetizers and so on. Aerides Cafe is a typical all-day beach bar café restaurants – and the only one in Vagia.

With an unbelievable location on the clean family beach of Vagia, Aerides Cafe is your #1 choice.

Bonus Tip 1: It looks like a typical beach bar, but it’s more of a full-menu restaurant (various delicacies, appetizers, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, seafood) with top flavors – you will see for yourself that the majority of clients have developed in the restaurant’s greatest fans!
Bonus Tip 2: Aerides cafe is open from March to October and for the cold days the fireplace in the interior offers absolute coziness!

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